Adding a Comment Avatar

Today you will be learning how to add a comment avatar on your edublogs site.

An avatar is a computer user’s online representation of them self or their alter ego. Your avatar is an important part of your online identity. It’s an online representation of you that shows up in places such as where you leave comments, forum posts or on social networks and is part of how others visualize who you are. As a blogger it’s a good idea to have an avatar that others recognize as representing you.

Use an online tool to create an avatar. but for best results always resize your image to 97 pixels wide by 97 pixels high and save as a .jpg before uploading your avatar. The key is to think carefully of how you want others to visualize you when choosing your avatar is all about creating a positive digital identify!

CLick on this link for a list of avatar creators and directions on how to add your avatar on edublogs.

avatar creations

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