All Summer in a Day

Before you read: Mini Lesson
Style: Figurative Language

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Simile = a comparison between two unlike things, using like or as.

Example: The children on the bus pressed against each other like sardines in a can.

Metaphor = compares two unlike things without using the words like or as.

Example: She was an old photograph dusted from an album and whitened away.

Personification = giving nonhuman things human attributes or personalities.

Example: “if there had been a day, seven years ago, when the sun came out for an hour and showed its face to the stunned world, they could not recall.” (The sun does not have a face so this is personification of the sun.)

Setting: Where the story takes place, Margot’s Never Ending Rainy Day

After reading, “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury answer the following questions in your student blog. Please type both question and answer in your blog post.

Reader’s Response

1. How do you feel about what the other children do to Margot in Bradbury’s story?

(student answer) I feel that the children were unfair to Margot and did not try to understand who she was and what she was trying to tell them. The children who locked her up did not think about her feelings when they did that.

2. What do you think Margot does when they let her out? (prediction)

(student answer) Based on the reading I believe that Margot will be sad and upset because she missed her opportunity to see the sun.

3. Why do you think the children locked Margot in the closet when they knew how much the sun meant to her?

(student answer) I think that the children were jealous of Margot because she had the experience of seeing the sun while the other children had not experienced the sunlight. The children bullied Margot because they felt that she was different from them.

4. How is Logan like Margot? (read connections on page 321)

(student answer) Logan and Margot have not seen the sun. Logan has a disease in which she is sensitive to the sun and cannot be out in it.

5. What do you think the title of Bradbury’s story means? Do you think it’s a good title? Why or why not?

(student answer) I think that All Summer in a Day is a great title for this story because it reflects how life is on the planet Venus. On this planet, the sun only comes out once every seven years for two hours this means that the children on Venus experience summer in only one day.

6. What do you think of outsiders and the bullies that pick on them?

(student answer) I think that bullies pick of outsiders because they do not understand them and would rather pick on them then try to understand who they really are.

All Summer in a Day Short Story Analysis

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